We are a beauty and lifestyle universe where play, discovery and self-expression are celebrated harmoniously together.

Embracing global trends, innovation, and femininity, our goal is to fuse online possibility with real life community to create a connected experience where you are inspired to indulge your fantasies, get lost, and run wild.

We set out to make Riley Rose a destination for exclusive brands that aren’t usually accessible at your fingertips; housing makeup, skincare, tools, home décor and more.


She is social, savvy, confident, carefree, playful, and on trend.

With endless options available in an instant, she craves curated, sharable, interactive experiences that reflect her values, amplify personal brand, and can’t be replicated. She doesn’t just want to buy something, she wants to buy into something— by touching down in her world, you are gaining entry into the Riley Rose dream world.

Cultivating joy, dreaminess, and unselfconscious self-expression

Riley Rose believes more is more, femininity is powerful, and friendship comes first—where you feel seen and understood, empowered and respected, at home and on cloud nine.